A14 bang for buck carb options?
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Author:  Nero [ Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:10 pm ]
Post subject:  A14 bang for buck carb options?

I'm taking delivery of an unknown condition oval port A14 engine in the near future that appears to have a std carby. This will at some stage get a mild rebuild to a more sporty state of tune to get in the region of 90-95bhp. I assume this will include slightly higher CR to 10:1, 3 angle seats, a different camshaft (Tighe 154 or 140 has been recommended), cleaned up ports and a set of headers. The idea is to have a revvy fast road engine that can handle traffic, but not drink link a footballer after the grand final!
The question I have is what to do with the induction side of things and what works well in a budget?
If I understand things my options are:
Twin sidedrafts: I have a pair of Alfa 40DCOEs on an old alfa engine in the workshop. My experience with these is that it's pain in the arse getting the transition circuit to work properly as the drilling is specific to an Alfa. Std aftermarket DCOE's have a different progression drilling.
Single DCOE: I have a spare early mk9 45DCOE, but a 45 seems a bit big for a mild tune 1400cc. Also DCOE's are a bit like an inkjet printer ink cartridges: you spend a fortune on small brass bits over time to keep the main bit working.
Bike carbs: no idea how well they work, watched the video's on youtube. They sound nice, usually better made than webers, but which ones to buy and how much to get them running right? Making a manifold is no problem.
Single downdraft Weber: a 32/36 DGAS/DGV: Seems like a good option - cheaper, easy to fit. How much power difference really between this and twin sidedrafts?
SU's - too old.
What else?


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