1971 H230 Sedan "White Wallet Eater"
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Author:  Munkie [ Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  1971 H230 Sedan "White Wallet Eater"

So recently I purchased a 1971 H230 240C from Daimhin Williamson for the princely sum of 3.3K.

I'm not gonna say it was sight unseen, but it's definitely a "good from afar, far from good" car...
Anyway, paid the deposit, booked a flight to Radelaide last Saturday, flew in, arrived at 9PM, met and had a chat, paid my money and started the long drive home.

Completely unprepared.

First issue driving back was that the shocks are so far gone the thing literally drove on the HAYS PLAINS like it was the Pacific... during a hurricane. Sea Sick in a desert? HA.
It was entertaining on all the long roads though, it got to the point where I was aiming for the bumps. hahaha
Anyway, as we continued on I started to get the feeling that the motor was getting louder, both internally and externally, as I slowed down to see what the go was the oil light came on. You know when your computer does that blue screen of death? it felt like that.
Switched it off and had a gander, oil was under the dipstick, how many litres at the time? who knows.
Still ran though, just had to keep the revs up right?

At this point I had stopped in Ouyen, having fueled up and passed the last open local service station, expecting to push through the side roads through Tooleybuc and Kyalite. (Timbucktoo and f*ckKnows basically)
Lack of oil prevented that idea from coming to fruition, so on a sort-of backwards detour Mildura was the safest bet for an open servo (I wasn't sleeping the night in Ouyen.), hammering along at 70MPH on the connecting road took me roughly an hour to get to Mildura where I pulled in on midnight and scored a 5L 20-50 bottle from the Coles 24H servo.

Took about 2 and a half litres.
Clueless as to where my oil was going, but being old AF I figured rings or stem seals.

On my way again out through Euston way ended up stopping at 3:30AM for a snooze at the Meilman truck parking area, where I got a nice sunrise photo at 6AM when I was RUDELY AWAKENED BY A HIGHWAY PATROL OFFICER TELLING ME I WAS NOT A TRUCK.
Yeah, no sh*t mate.

Anyway, on my way again after checking the oil and water, no issues so far, half way down the stick, no biggie.

Pushed on through Balranald, then Murrumbidgee, then across the Hays Plains.
WHERE THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING FOR HUNDREDS OF KM. I deadset could see cars like 50KM away as dots on the horizon that slowly got bigger...
Stopped at Shear Outback to top up the oil and cool off myself.
Darlington Point.
Then Narrandera clicked by....


Then finally Wagga Wagga.
Pulled in, got a feed at the Steakhouse. MMMMMMM. YUM. Do recommend.

Then back on my way with fuel, a fresh bottle of oil through Gundagai.

No, wait.
Fuel pump died in Gundagai.
Pulled in at the servo to check the oil as the light came on climbing the hills.

Then the car dies.

I had prepared for this!
I had asked Daimhin to sort me out a backup fuel pump incase this happened. L motors right?

What did I NOT have? a 12mm spanner.

Anyway, sat for an hour and a half trying to figure out where I'm gonna pull a 12mm spanner or shifter from (Sun don't shiiiiiiine), when a nice Gent who lived out on the snow fields stopped to check out the "Cool ol' Cedric" parked at the servo.
What did he have? a 12mm spanner!
What did I have? HIS 12MM SPANNER!

HAH! fitted up the pump after hand priming it, WOO! she fires up.
Then dies.
Bowl is over full.
Pull out Needle and Seat.
That has gone past the mesh tube.

Anyway, blew it out, put it all back together, got it going again.
Gave him a crisp Hi-Five and a can of coke and got back underway now praying to JigglyPuff that this fuel pump wasn't gonna die on me as well. (Turns out the original had spat the dummy and torn the diaphragm.)

Made it home at 7PM on hopes and dreams Sunday arvo, oil light on and misfiring as I'm PRETTY SURE I left the ignition on WAY too long and fried the points. *shrug*

Oh, and reverse has sh*t the biscuit.

So that's the story of how I got it.
Now the unfolding story of my plans and probable heartache when like every other project I've owned gets sold just as I finish it.

This will be the crappy, long winded build thread of my 1971 H230 Cedric into a midnight purple, gold mesh wheeled slammed cruiser.
That will probably bankrupt me.

Tear down pics to come....

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Author:  green200b [ Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1971 H230 Sedan "White Wallet Eater"

That was an epic write-up and a fantastic story! Good job for getting it back home. I'm looking forward to the write-up and build thread.

Author:  Hatchman [ Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1971 H230 Sedan "White Wallet Eater"

Love, love that write up mate! Excellent story and well done on getting the old girl home

Author:  Steel98 [ Fri May 04, 2018 8:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1971 H230 Sedan "White Wallet Eater"

Wow. Interesting story. Can't wait to see the next update.

Author:  Munkie [ Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1971 H230 Sedan "White Wallet Eater"


So basically purchased a rebuilt L26 for $300, sat 10 years, guy just wanted it out of his shop.
Filled it with oil, got it free turning and comp tested, happy as a pig in mud.

Ripped out the old dunger L24 (Which has an N42 head.. hmm), cleaned up, painted and rewired the engine bay (rattle cans and lack of masking tape, WOOOOOO!), once the outside goes purple it'll all be done right, and a fair amount of rust was wheeled away and coated hard. Cleaned all the old brackets, binned the plastic canisters and have alloy replacements on the way for the washer bottle, etc.
The linkages were all gross and white/grey with corrosion, came up mint on the wire wheel and a clear coat.

Slowly been plumbing it all up, turns out my free radiator needed a VE V6 lower rad hose to work. haha (First hose I grabbed from repco, not kidding), rewired most of the engine bay. Finally got an exhaust manifold off Mark tonight that fits up mint, so have to clean it up, paint the manifold and clean up the shield on the wire wheel, also fitted up a trans cooler and modified the banjo fittings for new soft-lines (which will become an oil cooler for the motor once I go manual)
Radiator brackets need to be rubber insulated top and bottom, have rubber sheet for that and nylon washers for the bolts.
And I've been playing with wrinkles.... haha.

HOPEFULLY can run it in this weekend.
But we'll see.
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