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1971 Model Datsun 1600
Owned since 1974 (second owner)
First competed at the summer nats 9 years ago. Best Burnout results, 4th Outright (about 1994). 1st in 4cyl class 1997.
1/8 Mile Drags 9.98 seconds
Honey Brown and black in colour

Engine -
L20B Block, bored 87mm, 280zx (+40 though) pistons, chrome moly rings, Role filiated crank, A87 Head, 38/74 Stage 4 Nissan Cam, FIA Springs, 280ZX
Valves,Match ported to Datrally Manifold, Twin 45mm Webers (36mm chokes),4 into 1 extractors 2in exhaust, 45 Amp Alternator, Triple core Radiator, Thermo Fan, 240K water pump and crank shaft pulley (modified Alternator bracket).

Gear Box
200B 4 speed or 240K 5 speed
(depending on where I want to drive it)
Button Clutch
Lightened Flywheel
2000 sport Pressure plate

4.6 : 1 Open for road
5.1 : 1 Burnouts and drags

Selby springs all round
Gabrielle Shocks (rear adjustable)
24 mm KMAC Sway Bar front
20 mm KMAC Rear
200B Struts

180B Discs and brakes front
Std rear with 7/8 wheel Cyls

13 x 6 Hustlers
205/60/13 TA Radials

Phillips CD Player with 8 speakers
Fire Extinguisher
Bond polished Alloy 1/2 Role cage
SAAS Seats
Dominion Seat Belts
Fibre Glass Front and Rear Spoilers
Tow Bar
Reverse Lamp
Air Horns
Hydraulic Handbrake (hooked up to front brakes for burnouts)

Car has had numerous engines over the years as it has been used as  family transport and motorsport since I have owned it but it has never been in rally. It has been used at the Drags, Lap Dashes at Oran and Ameroo Parks. My wife Val even drove it for a number of years as a shopping trolley (it had a 180B engine with twin SU’s then for drivability). In the early years it had a few different highpo motors in it. Then about 10 years ago he was asked to enter the car at the Summer Nats when he was planning to rebuild the car. But to do this I had to give my wife another car so she
got a Silver Nissan 280ZX, which she calls DATSEXY. She has also entered this car at the summernats as an original car. Val won a Go to Wo competition one year with her car.
I have also owned (lost count) many datsun 1600’s (well over 20 !!). DATSEZY is still wearing its original panels since new, none have been replaced !!  All 3 of my daughters have learnt to drive in 1600’s from the age of 12 (not in DATSEZY !!) doing motorkhanas and the like. All 3 of them also have had datsuns of different models as there first cars. So you could say we have been in the Datsun family for over 20 years with at least 50 of them passing through my hands. 

“DATSEZY” and Peters Sayers "PRC510" rally car at Bomaderry Mcdonalds (Nowra NSW) 
“Mc Happy Day”, Terry’s daughter Katherine as Sonic Hedge Hog 1997

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