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Logitic Racing Team 
1600 Club Car Info:

ENGINE  FJ20DE with Twin 45 Webbers 2”Headers with a 2.5’ system throughout.
Engine mods are not fully known but the cams are not standard and have the vernier wheels.

GEARBOX  Standard FJ20 no mods yet, but planning close ratio gears down the track.

DIFF At the moment we are running a R160 CIG 3.9, we also have a R180 CIG, 3.5 as a spare and numerous 3.7’s for backup. (4.11 or 4.6 is the go)

SUSPENSION Front struts are 240K with 2’lowered springs with a heavy swaybar and standard inserts. The rear is 2’lowered springs with Bilstein gas shockers and a rear swaybar. Nolathene bushed and caster rods machined 15mm back, front end reversed and camber sleeves moved 20mm out.

BRAKING 240K front Disc and calipers with competition pads,separate booster, rear standard Drums   ( not a very good combination when racing Hillclimb or Sprint events )

RADIATOR Standard 1600 with the ends swapped from side to side ( ok for road use but not very good 
for prolonged high speed driving)

WHEELS 14x7 Hotwires, a good wheel for spacing, they accutally fit underneath the gaurds with slight upturning of the lip of the guard.

INTERIOR Not much as this is a full on race car 
(not road registered) three piont harness, half roll cage, Dominator seat, 4’tacho
1998 Hillclimb Champion (Gippsland Car Club)
1998 2Ltr Class Champion 
3rd overall in Club Championship

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