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Datsun 1600
1969 Model Datsun 1600 Rally Car Specs
Motor (Dyno’d @ 128 kw)
L18 bored to 86.5mm, std pistons, crank. 
A87 Head, Nissan 68 degree cam, FIA Valve springs, Head Ported to match Manifold, Big Bore (Datrally) inlet Manifold, Twin 45 Webers (38mm chokes).
80 Amp Alternator, triple core radiator, thermo fan, battery in boot. Datsun 180B Brake booster and master Cylinder.

Datsun 240K 5 speed, standard ratios, Solid button racing clutch, 2000 sports pressure plate, lightened flywheel (8kgs).

R180, 5.1:1 ratio CIG locked. (standard is normally 3.7:1)

Suspension - Front
Datsun 200B struts(strengthened and with adjustable spring platforms),Takiko Green Gas shocks, Lovells springs, 200B Disc and rotors (mounted backwards), Kmac 24mm sway bar, ‘LJ Torana’ radius rods, Rose jointed lower control arms.
Wheel align specs...1 1/2 degrees Neg Camber, 3 degrees Positive Caster, Normal toe.

Suspension - Rear
KYB Gas shocks, lovells springs, standard rear drum brakes(7/8 wheel Cyl).

- 13” x 5.5” Hotwires (12 of them) 
- 175/70/13 Dunlop Rally Tyres
- 14” x 6” (unknown)
- 195/65/14 Goodyear Street Tyres.

Paint Scheme
European Nissan factory colours for Nissan 240RS of 1984.

Number Plate
PRC-510   =   Production Rally Car, 510 is FIA Homologation Model designation for Datsun 1600s around the world. Or Pete’s Rally Car take your pick !!!

Cobra Rally Seats. Sabelt Seatbelts, Kill switch, All steel roll cage welded to car (everywhere), First Aid kit, Twin master Halda & Terratrip 202 (distance meters) 
2 Map lights, CB Radio, Intercom, 2 elec fuel pumps, Alloy sump guard. Fuel and brake lines run through cabin of car, Hydraulic Handbrake, No carpet !

$8000 to build, not including labour !!! (I raked in a lot of favours) Normally it would have cost around $14,000. Car origanally cost $400.

Other Info
For those who dont know, in Rallying we must use what the 510 was homologated with, which  means we can only fit an L16 or L18 motor and are restricted to naturally aspirated induction. I would also mention that the build specs for my car are not the ultimate for a rally car. What I have built is fairly cheap to rebuild, ie ..motor, G/box, suspension etc. The car is what I call middle of the road specifications. You can spend
twice as much as what I have spent. But when I built the car $8000 is all that I could afford at the time. Remember this, trees dont care how much money you have spent !

Peter Sayers
Sarge Rally Team

1969 Datsun 1600 Rally Car Nov 96 “Pedders Cup Winner”.

My first Datsun 1600, 1972 model. Jul 84 as it started out “stock”.

Terry Brown (Datsezy owner) dropping in a L18 SSS motor, with twin SUs, “George
Fury Stripes” Dec 84

One of my first dirt outings, Colo Dirt Circuit NSW, early 85.

Same car but repainted, now 
with twin webers and ported head etc. Competing at Ringwood Hillclimb (near Newcastle NSW) “doing it sideways”1990.

Oran Park Supersprint, coming up to the “Lake Corner”. 1991.

New 1969 Datsun 1600 just after
having rust repair prior to painting. Car originally
was stock but with a L18. about late 1992.

Rally Car now painted with roll cage, old motor on floor. early 1993.

Clean and bare engine bay !!

Engine bay accessaries going in prior to engine being fitted.

New door trims and dash pad (both self made) going together. Dash alone took 2
months to put together, due to extra wiring and fitting around roll cage. Note front
legs passing through dash were vents normally are. Gauges in centre of dash where
Radio used to be. (1969 dash) .

First roll out, looking good. can finally see light at end of tunnel. about mid 1993.

First ever Rally (as a driver), March 1994 Perth W.A. Drove 
like a pussy, as I didn’t want to 
scratch my new toy. It took 
approx 1 1/2 years to complete Car. I also rebuilt my XD Falcon
Ute during this time (it took 4 months) and I spent 3 months 
in New Zealand on exchange
with the Air force. So car actually took around 8 months to build.

Same rally, back shot.

Sunset shot at the back of Perth Airport. 1994.

First ever Australian Rally Championship (ARC) Rally, Perth “Forrest Rally” W.A.

Second ARC Rally “Mount Gambier Rally” S.A. Nov 1994. Spectator spot (Rail
Yard) water splash.

Same Rally, another spectator spot, doing it sideways !!

Waikerie S.A. Rally 1995, doing it sideways at the camera man !!

Robertstown S.A. Rally 1995, spectator water splash.

Adelaide Rally “Stage 1”, one flying lap of Grand Prix track. 
At finish control on bend 
before Pit straight. 1994.

Robertstown Rally S.A. 1995. Massive wheelspin !!

New sponsor “MIDAS” , also winner of 1996 Pedder’s Cup Series. Nov 1996.

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