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'Teddy' Two Door 1970 P510 Bluebird The aim was to modify the car for better performance and handling whilst retaining the era of the vehicle. This meant using the L motor rather than an FJ etc and even though it doesn’t produce the horsepower of the new technology I prefer the sound of the Webers under full noise. The motor has not been dynoed but it has been calculated to be producing around 150 Horsepower. The Specification plate under the bonnet shows the original 1300 to produce 77 Horsepower. 
The car has had a full bare metal respray using two pack paint in the original Persimmon Lemon colour. Prior to applying the final coats of paint it was rubbed down so that there was hardly any peel effect that sometimes comes with two pack paint. There was considerable bodywork to be done as the previous owner had lost interest and had let the cars condition deteriorate.
New front guards and replacement Bonnet and Boot lid. When the boot lid was fitted it overhung one side by about half an inch which I later found out was caused in an accident when it was hit in one side and pushed into a tree on the other. As I said lots of bodywork. The beaver panel was reconstructed along with the rear section of the sills on both sides. Even the window frames had to be reconstructed as after the stainless trim was taken we found a fair bit of rust.
All of the work has been worth it though as it gets plenty of attention.
Original L13 block bored from 83mm to 85.5 mm
180B Crank and Rods which has increased capacity to approximately 1820 cc
Even found the original  DATSUN 1300 OHC tappet cover
High Compression Hepolite pistons
Previously running genuine 1600 SSS Head and 72 Degree works copy cam
Recently bolted on more extensively ported head with 280ZX inlet valves and match ported Melbourne Datsun Performance inlet manifold
Twin 45mm Webers
Compression 9.5 : 1
A milder billet cam is now being used to achieve more torque 
H & M 21C Headers with a 2 inch Sports Exhaust
Lightened Flywheel with 2000 Sports clutch
Unsure of Gearbox but is imported and was the same length as the standard  box and has the normal 5 speed pattern
I did not have to cut the floor and was able to use the standard tailshaft
Has been suggested to be out of short 280ZX ??
Currently using 4.1 : 1 Diff out of 200B SSS but is only R160 and will probably not last long
I have also installed a hydraulic handbrake for use in bitumen motorkhanas.
200B Front Struts with adjustable Koni Shocks and variable rated Kings springs
28mm Front Stabiliser Bar
Larger Adjustable Radius Rods
Adjustable Camber
Tokico Gas Shocks
Heavy Lowered Kings Springs
18mm Rear Stabiliser
Performance Challenger  15 X 7
195 – 50 – 15 Dunlop Spec R Tyres
New Carpets and Hood lining
Original Rear Seat and Door trims
Recaro Front Seats
Momo Steering Wheel
1600 SSS Dash

Datsun 1600 197x Wagon
I had the Wagon for some 14 years before selling it to my Cousin last year.
It had an 1800 with twin webers, 5 Speed etc, etc and was a lot of fun but with the Two Door and a Silhouette GTS you can only have so many toys.
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