Tim Button
Datsun 1600
Race Car
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1972 Datsun 1600 Race Car

1972 shell
fully seam welded
6 point integral steel cage

Front: Bilstein upside down gas inserts (unknown valving), 
          with 310lb springs.  Whiteline swaybar (to be replaced).
Rear:  Spax adjustable shocks (valved to suit springs), 
          with 740lb springs
Nolethane for all bushes except for front lower control arms and 
   rear A-arms (which use genuine factory rubber replacements).

Alignment and Steering:
Front:  Fabricated adjustable strut tops, adjustable lower 
control arms, LJ Torana radius rods, bent steering arms, 
lower control arm spacers, modified front crossmember lower
control arm pick ups.
Rear:  Modified rear crossmember, allowing adjustment for 
camber and toe.  This has been done in such a way as to allow adjustments to be made with an allan key, allowing incremental changes to be made.

Front:  300ZX 4 piston calipers utilising Pagid RS42 pads 
           and 280mm Saab rotors.
Rear:  200B calipers with Black Flash pads and 260Z rotors.
Master Cylinders:  dual master cylinders with balance bar.
All brake lines are braided teflon, to eliminate hose expansion.  Normal DOT 4/5 brake fluid is used, with no problems.

Gearbox:  is a std SR20 Turbo box.  A Holinger 3 gear close ratio box is planned within the next 12 months, possibly using dog engagement.
Diff:  R180 4.6 diff with an motorsport clutch type LSD centre.  Preload is adjusted to suit the conditions.
Tailshaft:  shortened 180B.
Half shafts:  240K run reversed.

Engine:  SR20DE
Bottom end:  standard
Head:  modified inlet and exhaust ports, modified inlet valves.
Cams:  Ivan Tighe rally grind. 
Power is from around 3000rpm - 7500rpm.
Vernier wheels.
Induction:  quad throttle bodies based on Dellorto's breathing through a fabricated air box.
Exhaust:  std exhaust manifold (to be replaced with custom extractors when I can get some time to make them), 
2 1/2 inch system, with 2 resonators. 

ECU:  MoTec

Pulsar  radiator
Alloy fabricated radiator hoses (to avoid blown hoses) with 
silicon joiners. 
Davies Craig thermofan (switchable from either the dash or via 
the radiator switch)
Adjustable oil pressure switch (std oil pressure switch triggers the light too late - ~15psi).

Fuel System:
Injectors:  SR20 Turbo
Pumps:  Ashdown's 15psi priming pump for the surge tank, Goss VL Turbo main pump.
Tank:  modified 1600 tank.
Fabricated alloy surge tank

Wheels and Tyres:
185/60/14 Yokohama A032R tyres
14 x 6  "Jelly Bean" mags.

Sparco "Touring" seat and some unknown Corbeau seat
Sabelt 6 point 3 inch harness (driver) 
Sabelt 4 point 2 inch harness (passenger).
Oil pressure, water temp, fuel pressure and volts gauges.  Oil light and change lights.  Tacho when testing/tuning.
Modified brake and throttle pedals

Future Mods:
Close ratio gearbox
Harder rear springs
Possibly Vented rear brakes, depending on how the current setup copes with a bit of extra horsepower.
15 x 7 inch wheels (if we ever get to run a 50 series tyre - current rules dictate a 60 series profile)
Full house engine based either on a GTiR motor or an FJ20 - whichever head I can get more flow out of.

I'd just like to thank all my friends who have helped me put the car
togther.  Especially Mark Banyard for his all his help and patience (most recently on the head) and Warrick Hay for all the parts he let me scavange off him.  There are many others who helped me out too (Murray Coote from Enzed in Canberra and Peter Maggs among them), but I don't want to turn this into some sort of awards speech.......y'all know who you are.

See more of Tims car at http://www.angelfire.com/extreme3/group3j/

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