Welcome to OZDAT, the Home of the Australian Datsun and Nissan Motor Sport Enthusiast since 1997.


OZDAT began back in 1997 when James, a Datsun fanactic with a Datsun P510 1600, put up the first version of the website, with some links to Datsun clubs and information about Datsun 1600's. Further updates to the website saw an email discussion list, free classifieds and members cars gallery added.

In 2002 the website celebrated its 5 year anniversary.

In 2003 the forums were added to replace the discussion list and things really started to take off.

Things remained relatively unchanged since then. A small band of administrators looked after the forums, moderating and upgrading them as necessary. We still have posts going right back to when the forums started.

We were targeted by hackers occasionally, but thanks to the Admin team, we plugged all the security holes. In 2008 we switched to a new server to enable us to update OZDAT to continue to grow, and we finally gave the website a facelift in 2009, as the old design was showing its age.

In 2019 we changed the domain name and hosting to www.ozdat.com.au so we could remain on the internet and continue to update the website software and try to keep the website relevant in the era of facebook groups.

We'd like to thank all the people that helped out with OZDAT over the years, and the forum members who make OZDAT the best (and probably only by now) all model Datsun forum in Australia.