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Datsun 1600
1969 Model

Datsun 1600 Album #1

Datsun 1600 Album #2


L20B Motor bored 2mm to 87mm
Ballanced crank,rods,flywheel and clutch etc
decked block 20thou
10 to 1 Comp Ratio
280zx Inlet and Exhaust Valves
HD Valve Springs
74 Deg Cam
Adjustable Cam Wheel
180B Head Ported
Twin 45mm Delortos
Datrally Big Port Manifold
HM21C Header Extractors
2" Exhaust
Bluebird Series II Electronic Distributor
14", 3 Piece Hoshima Racing Alloys
R180 4.11 LSD Diff
Skyline 5 Speed
Datsun Sports 2000 Clutch
Standing Quarter: 14.82


1986- My First 1600 and second car.
stock 2.0L with Downdraft Webber, Extractors etc

Painted it red but 
3 months later someone wrote it off. (You cant see the bad side- DONT LEND YOUR CAR TO ANYONE!)
The Replacement!
Quality spray job in progress. Note the hi tech spray equipment...

Didnt Last Long.
The result of some guy not looking and not indicating before doing a U-turn in font of me.

More of the damage...

1600 with 15"Supra Rims - Not enough Clearence so switch to the hoshima 3 Piece (see above)
Cam Animation
 Click on an image below to view full size.
Turbo Datsun 240Z
1972 Model

Motor and Drivetrain
L24 block from Datsun Skyline
O'Ringed Block
Forged 86 mm Patterson Handmade pistons
Shot peened and balanced 180B rods
280ZX Crank, crossdrilled, nitrided, and balanced
(NB. 280ZX crank + 240Z pistons = 2.6L approx. + a bit for the 40thou up pistons)
Skyline L24 Head Ported and Flowbenched to suit, with particular attention paid to the exhaust ports shape and size etc.
44 mm 280z Inlet Valves (required notching the block)
37.5mm Exhaust Valves
Wade 733A Turbo cam (Slightly modified with a little more lift)
Chev V8 HD Valve Springs (Double Springs)
12 new rockers
Combustion chambers SMOOTHED!!! (No detonation without water injection on pump super at 17pounds with 7.2 to 1 Comp ratio !!! nb. This was not a deliberate test, I just ran out of water one day.)
Sparkplug Spacers (gets thread out of chamber, reduces likelihood of detonation!!)
NGK GOLD PLATINUM PLUGS (Made noticeably more HP!)
NGK leads
Modified Chrysler Valiant Distributor
Bosch electronic ignition and coil

Twin 1 3/4" CD carby's bored to 1 7/8" on alloy Y manifold
Custom Inlet and Turbo Exhaust Manifold
Water Injection
42 mm External Wastegate - Adjustable (SEE TIPS)
3" Mandrel Bent Exhaust with Turbo Muffler
Garrett T3/T4 Turbo with .82 exhaust housing and Hi Flow wheels running at 23 pounds
3/8" fuel lines
1/2" lines from fuel tank to filter and to fuel pump
Holley blue electric fuel pump and regulator

Hi vol/flow oil pump
Custom modified sump
Group A oilcooler

R200 4.4 LSD Differential
240K 5 Speed

Lightened steel billet flywheel
Nissan truck clutch pressure plate
3 puck button clutch plate

260Z 2+2 front springs with Koni Gas Inserts
HD Pedders Rear springs with Adjustable koni's

Wheels and Tyres
15" x 7" Performance Alloys
225x60x15 Rear Tyres
215x60x15 Front Tyres

Body and Interior Etc.
Whale Tail
Sheep skin seat covers
Turbo Timer
Boost Gauge (With Aeroquip Fittings)
Fuel Pressure Gauge
3 Point Harness

Coming soon... (completed and Sold)
Roll cage
New front spoiler
Engineers Certificate and Rego (All legal this time!)

Last Pics of the car complete - before being sold


Before this motor was in my Zed it had a rather colourful history.
It started of in a Skyline then made it way to a 200B and lastly before me, it was in a 9 second Rail-Drag Car running 27 Pound Boost with Twin 2" SU's Holly Fuel Bowls and 1/2" dual fuel lines and a BIG Plemum chamber and huge turbo....I tuned it/modified it for road use - 23 Pound Boost, smaller turbo (not much), smaller plenum chamber but positioned for better flow, Stroked with 280zxCrank, Oringed Block, Cam, etc etc the 
list goes on and on...
Anyway here is a reprint from 'Wots Hot/Turbo Australia' 
Magazine from 1988 Issue number 3
Future Project

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